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Is it Time to Outsource Your Google Ads?

Are you Getting the Results You Want?

When clients talk to me about my Google Ads campaign management services, they are often considering the benefit of outsourcing this.

They usually are struggling with 5 key aspects:

  1. Their current campaigns performance, for generating new leads, online sales, and ROI.
  2. Their level of ad placement ‘budget waste’, due to individual campaigns not being optimally set up, including effective use of negative keywords, using the correct keyword match type, optimally using SiteLinks extensions, and choosing an appropriate bidding strategy that fits to their budget.
  3. Having the level of expertise and knowledge to use the Google Ads interface effectively, and keeping abreast of the ongoing changes.
  4. Getting the level of client conversions they desire and understanding the role of the landing page and its messaging, to support their Google Ads campaign performance.
  5. Having sufficient time at their end to frequently track and monitor their campaign/s, to ensure their campaigns are optimally working

If you are also facing any of these concerns, and would like to discuss your Google Ads campaigns, I provide a no obligation free consultation to discuss your campaign’s performance and how Aztera Marketing can assist your business.

Aztera Marketing in Wellington is a certified Google Partner for Google Ads. We provide affordable Google Ads management services – without the big agency fees.