Point of Difference Marketing

Differentiate Your Business and Stand Out from the Crowd

Is your business struggling to ‘stand out’ from the crowd?

Are you struggling to be noticed in the midst of all your competitors?

Is it time to develop ‘Point of Difference’ marketing?

For many businesses, having a product or service to sell is just the starting point.  How well you promote and communicate your products/services can make all the difference.  With marketing, it’s not just ‘what you do’, but ‘how well you do it’.

Point of Difference marketing recognises the importance of identifying and developing your point of differentiation.  Once identified, developing clear, distinctive marketing messages is key.  Most importantly, we bring 'fresh eyes' to your  situation, to help you navigate and determine the optimum path for your business.    

Identifying Your Strategic Strengths  

This is our area of expertise - identifying and developing your strategic strengths to help you stand out from the crowd. To help achieve an increase in sales and get better marketing cut-through we examine 10 key areas:

Big Picture Thinking

  • Your marketing niche - current & future.
  • Your target markets - current & future.
  • Your core strengths.

Right Messaging

  • How effectively you are using ‘customer focused’ messaging.
  • ‘Benefits’ vs ‘Features’ marketing.
  • Your key selling messages.
  • How well you are building emotional engagement.


  • Opportunities for up-sell and cross-sell.
  • Product bundling opportunities.
  • Enticement through choice approach.

Integrating Your Strategic Strengths into Your Marketing  

Let’s talk the next step.  Having identified your strategic strengths, we work with you to integrate your key messages across your website and other marketing material.  To provide a clear path of activity, we can design and develop a fully customised 12-Month Marketing Plan, tailored to meet your business objectives and budget.  

Whether you are a small or large business, developing a clear and strong point of difference can be the key to long-term success. For some, differentiation may focus on your level of customer service, your background and experience, or the range of products / services provided.

Note:  For some businesses, it may be difficult to identify a point of difference, due to the type of business you are in and the range of products and services provided.

Our 4 Step Process to Help You 'Stand Out from the Crowd'

IDENTIFY your differentiating factors.

DEVELOP your marketing positioning approach.

DETERMINE your key marketing messages.

IMPLEMENT your marketing activities.  

Want to Learn More about Point Of Difference Marketing

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