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Affordable SEO Services, No Fixed Term Contract 

SEO specialists in Wellington providing affordable SEO services. No fixed term contracts with our SEO services. Simply pay for services you engage us for.

If you are seeking specialist SEO services for your business, with experience in search engine optimisation (SEO), then Aztera Marketing in Wellington is the solution for you.

  • At Aztera Marketing we utilise our proven and specialised online marketing and search engine optimisation services to improve the performance of your website.
  • With our SEO services our commitment and focus is always centered on improving your search rankings performance along with delivering a strong, sales-focused website.
  • We provide our specialist SEO services to local businesses in the greater Wellington region and NZ wide.
  • Our Wellington SEO services are fully customised to meet your specific requirements and budget.
  • We can provide our search engine marketing and specialist SEO services as part of your new website build or work with your existing website.

Read our Blog about SEO and improving your search engine rankings on Google.

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Fully tailored, customised SEO services, with full page content development, incorporating strong marketing and SEO principles.

Improve your organic website ranking with our Wellington based SEO services.

Helping you with all aspects of your SEO.

No fixed term contract or set monthly fee.

Services tailored to meet your requirements: To improve your organic rankings, online leads, sales and conversions. With 3 key options:

  • Option 1:  Working with your existing website and implementing key changes to improve your website performance, marketing appeal, page and content structure.
  • Option 2: Building a completely new website with the navigation and web content fully designed around SEO principles.
  • Option 3: Progressively improving SEO to your existing website. Ideal for some businesses, as it enables resources to be invested initially into core products and services, and over time progress to lower priority SEO / keyword areas.

Our Wellington Based SEO Services

Our specialist search engine optimisation (SEO) services includes:

  • SEO Keyword Research and Analysis

    This key step identifies the most frequently used search terms for your products and services. This involves using online keyword research tools to identify the latest search trends and keyword statistics.

  • Marketing Focused Website Copywriting

    As experienced online marketers, your website content is planned and developed to incorporate strong marketing focused messages, combined with the requirements of SEO.

  • Structured On-Page SEO

    For each individual page, effective page layout and content placement is kept top of mind, to improve your organic search rankings.  This includes good use of on page Headings, text blocks, and text layout features. We understand the importance of blending SEO tactics, along with maximising your on-page marketing and sales appeal.

  • Off-Page SEO

    In addition to focusing on your visible page content, we also take the time and care with your Meta tags. A key part of your SEO, is to develop ‘on message’ keyword rich meta tags, to entice a greater click through rate to your individual pages.

  • Content Marketing & SEO

    Sometimes for good SEO more quality content needs to be developed to support your sales and business objectives. With SEO content is key. At Aztera we can guide you on this, and provide our expert content marketing services to further support your SEO activities.

  • SEO With A Strategic Approach

    Right from the start we determine the right strategy and approach for your business. This includes reviewing your website navigation, product / service categorisation, and identifying your content requirements to implement keyword rich web pages.

  • Search Results Audits

    With SEO, your rankings and search results can often change. Especially if new competitors enter your market, or competitors invest in SEO services for their website. Our SEO services can include reviewing your ‘search ranking’ performance, and undertaking further SEO support as and when required.

  • SEO Competitor Analysis

    With SEO, your rankings are strongly influenced by what your competitors are doing, and the competitive nature of your market. It’s important to have an understanding of your key competitors’ SEO performance, as this may guide which keyword phrases and SEO activities to focus on.

  • Monthly Performance Reporting

    We use Google Analytics (GA4) to monitor your websites monthly performance and on-site behaviours. With SEO tracking your website’s performance is key.

  • SEO Backlinks and Directory Listings

    Having your website linked across a wide range of sites includes local directories is all part of improving your SEO performance. We have a list of key directories to support your SEO performance.

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Steve Armes
Outstanding Services and willing to go the extra mile and help us with all our Google Ads and website improvements, really appreciate their help. Highly recommend Aztera Marketing services.
Plumb Plumbing & Drainage
Kathryn at Aztera Marketing is wonderful to work with and produces great results. She's always positive and friendly. We appreciate the way she patiently explains our options to us and answers our questions so that we can make informed decisions about how to best use our digital marketing budget. We have seen a notable increase in sales, directly as a result of the work she and her team have done for us, including setting up & managing Google Ads and optimising our website. We're very thankful to have Aztera Marketing on our side.
Dhillon Singh
You won't get better service than Kathryn at Aztera Marketing in NZ.I am Talking from my experience here.Kathryn did a deep analysis and made sure we get better results for Google Ads Management service.We appreciate your hard work you put in for us Kathryn and we will be using Aztera Marketing for all of our future projects.Best service at reasonable cost and prompt service.Thanks a-lot
Kyle Goleman
Kathryn and her team at Aztera Marketing have been providing marketing services for my business for over a year and a half now. She provides a fantastic service for a very reasonable cost. The growth my business has had in 18 months through digital marketing on both Google and Facebook have been huge. Kathryn is extremely easy to deal with and nothing is an issue. She listens, thinks and executes in a very timely manner. If you are after great marketing on a lower budget, look no more as you have found your solution with Aztera!
Derek Alding
Kathryn is my "Go To" Google expert who actively manages my SEO so that my website remains highly visible in a competitive marketplace.Google Ads is complex and I don't have the time to master it. Kathryn's dedication to being a Google expert, combined with her marketing skills and experience are a huge asset to my business as she successfully brings those skills to the table in managing my Google Ads campaigns on my behalf.
Shantanu Kirtikar
We are very pleased in the way Kathryn at Aztera Marketing has helped us transform our website and marketing strategy including our SEO. She has also helped tremendously in advising and setting up our Google ad campaigns.As a small business we find the support that she provides on an ongoing basis, very valuable. It is good to have a person who you can turn to for advise on your marketing campaigns.
nb walker
Kathryn of Aztera helped me with my website's copywriting along with her SEO services. Her help was very much appreciated, and she explained what she was doing really well and in easy to understand terms.
delivery Man
I have used Kathryn at Aztera Marketing since last year for my website content, including SEO, and for Google Ads campaigns. She has been incredibly helpful and has progressively improved my website, pages and my SEO results. In addition to my SEO she took over my previous Google Ads campaigns and I’ve noticed much better results for my business. She has been an absolute help for my business. She explains what she is doing and why it is needed. I fully recommend Aztera, as I’ve found them superb to deal with, and great with all this digital side of things.
Leah Robinson
As someone who doesn't speak 'google ads' Kathryn has been a wonderful guide and essential support. She has looked after my ads, kept an eye on all the things that I wouldn't think to look at and kept me informed both via email and phone calls. I'm confident that Kathryn has built effective ads by listening to my needs and explaining what she is doing and why. Thank you
Sandra Grammer
Kathryn from AZTERA Marketing is our preferred Google specialist; Kathryn is always up to date with the ever-changing face of Google Ads and all Google products, which is no easy feat!We appreciate Kathryn's knowledge and are 100% happy placing our clients in Kathryn's hands.Thank you Kathryn from the Stang Media NZ LTD Team.
Glenn Wilton
I had the pleasure of working with Kathryn from Aztera Marketing, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for her outstanding assistance in setting up our marketing plan and optimizing our online presence. Kathryn's professionalism and practical advice have truly been a game-changer for our business.From the moment we engaged with Kathryn, it was evident that she possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the marketing industry. She took the time to understand our unique needs, goals, and target audience, ensuring that every aspect of our marketing plan was tailored to maximize results. Her ability to analyze our website and provide insightful recommendations proved invaluable in enhancing our online presence.Kathryn's proficiency in setting up our Google Ads campaign was exceptional. She meticulously fine-tuned our ads, leveraging her expertise in SEO services to improve our website's rankings. The noticeable increase in organic traffic and improved search engine rankings are a testament to her remarkable skills and dedication.Throughout the entire process, Kathryn was not only prompt and responsive but also a pleasure to work with. She patiently answered our questions, explaining complex concepts in a manner that was easy to understand. Her willingness to go the extra mile and provide ongoing support truly sets her apart.I highly recommend Kathryn at Aztera Marketing to anyone seeking professional and effective marketing solutions. Her practical advice, combined with her ability to deliver tangible results, would make her an invaluable asset to any business.
Aaron Cosgriff
Aztera Marketing did an amazing job on my website build. Kathryn really took the time to gather a complete understanding of my buisness, and using her extensive marketing knowledge developed a website that promotes our values. I highly recommend her services and professional approach. Aztera Marketing was so helpful and Kathryn kept me informed throughout the process, making the whole experience really easy. Thanks!
Jasper Morcilla
Kathryn has been great, with completely managing the upgrade of my initial website and now my latest one. Right from the very initial analysis, Kathryn quickly identified how search engines were not able to clearly see my website and immediately remedied this. A great deal of care was taken to ensure that the correct information and marketing strategies were implemented. Over the years her help and assistance with my website and marketing has been great. And right from the start I noticed a marked increase in interest in my website within weeks of going live.
Deborah Woodham
Kathryn was fantastic as getting my website updated. She checked in with me and made it a very seamless and straight-forward process. Would highly recommend working with her on any marketing project.
Denise Carnihan
Kathryn created a fabulous new website for me about 18 months ago. Her attention to detail is phenomenal, and as such, it's beautifully displayed and details all of what we offer at Helping Hand African Tours & Safaris. It truly is the open door into my business. Thank you Kathryn, you did a fantastic job.
Kareen Holland
My website looks amazing thanks to Kathryn and Iona. The wording suits the ethos of my business, so great to have worked with Kathryn to get this important part on point.
Peter Robson
Kathryn came on board to help us out with the design and build of our new website. We worked with her to determine the key messages we wanted, along with a design that reflected our brand. She has been really helpful throughout the process, and continues to work with us when we make small adjustments to our site. She took care of all the website content and put in the SEO to help us be found on Google. Additionally, she makes contact regularly to make suggestions that might improve our site. We appreciate all her input and guidance, and would happily recommend her.
Andrew Wills
Kiwiblinds employed Aztera Marketing about two years ago to rebuild and service the website ongoing. With expert advice, design and application, they achieved an outstanding result for us.We have enjoyed significant improvements in the visual design of the website and the enquiry levels, as a result of their high level of expertise, dedication and professionalism.Kiwiblinds highly recommends Kathryn and the team at Aztera Marketing.
I used Kathryn at Aztera Marketing for approximately 8 years with my recent business and she was always great to deal with. Kathryn is knowledgable, honest and thorough. Although at the start Kathryn was unfamiliar with my particular industry, she was able to gain a good understanding of what was required to support the growth of my business and she was happy to provide the changing level of support that I needed throughout all the stages of growth. Kathryn helped me develop various aspects of my brand presence and her excellent understanding of website SEO ensured I had a great organic Google ranking which resulted in a significant increase in sales. I recommend Kathryn for her attention to detail and hassle free marketing support services.
Frances Lamb
I highly recommend Kathryn Schimanski. The consultation that she gave me was one of the best value sessions I have come across. With Kathryn’s help I got my ranking for my personal site way up on the Google listings and this was just one of the many things that she sorted out for me.
Computer Power Plus
Kathryn came on board to help our overall marketing and immediately did a full review of all our sales and marketing materials. She identified new opportunities along with some gaps in our approach. We appreciated her insight and detailed findings and where possible we implemented a number of her key recommendations. All of which have helped us to gain more leads and enrolments.She also did a lot of work on our website, improving our search engine optimisation and search rankings. This made a significant difference to our website performance and increased the quality and quantity of our leads.Kathryn is a pleasure to deal with and we have no trouble recommending Kathryn to other businesses wanting valuable strategic and tactical guidance.
Karl Woolcott
For the last few years I have use Aztera Marketing to work on my website to do the SEO and copywriting for a number of our tours. This has really helped with our booking and sales. In addition Kathryn has also put in place Google Ads to get a bit more profile where needed. We have really appreciated her help and expertise with all of this, as it really helps with getting sign ups with our tours. Thanks Kathryn for all your help.
Catherine Caldwell
I felt well taken care of by Kathryn at Aztera Marketing. My website SeriousHealthNow became more focussed and organised thanks to Kathryn. I was coached to write more where needed and let go of things that could possibly distract from the goal of the site or confuse the viewer. I would recommend Aztera Marketing to anyone wanting to create a better or new website.

With us we don’t just do the SEO tactics…We look at the full picture. We know it’s all about getting leads…but equally important it’s about getting sales and conversions. Be assured, with our SEO service, we keep that top of mind.

That’s why we’ve developed our expertise across the digital marketing spectrum, including Google Ads, lead generation tactics, and Google Analytics (GA4).

We are local, Wellington based, SEO specialists with expertise in digital marketing.

Aztera Marketing in Wellington for SEO services, SEO consultancy. Search engine optimisation specialists. Business marketing services. Wellington.

FAQs | SEO Services, Wellington Based

SEO is key for improving your organic search ranking results. Your website listing and placement is key, for customers seeking to find your business and your services. With our specialist SEO services we can help your business be found more effectively and prominently on Google and other search engines. With all our clients, our approach is to assist your business to be found on the first page of organic search results.

For some market segments, having a higher SEO placement and ranking can be easier to achieve than for those businesses trading in a competitive market place or industry. With our Wellington based SEO services, we take this into consideration when developing the appropriate SEO strategy to support your business.

We offer the full comprehensive SEO service. This includes reviewing your existing content, performance, and selected keywords, through to doing an online competitor SEO review. When we discuss with you your SEO strategy and approach, we will identify the key products and services your business needs to rank strongly for, and we put in place a supporting SEO improvement programme.

In addition the the initial review of your website, we keep top of mind your primary SEO objectives. As we proceed into your SEO programme, we take into consideration a wide range of SEO principles including on page content, heading structure, individual page topics and off-page SEO tactics. We are based in Wellington and provide our SEO services NZ wide.

With us, there is no need to sign up for an ongoing SEO services contract. We believe that customers have the right to choose the level of extent and frequency of managing their SEO performance. Being bound by a fixed 6- or 12-month SEO services contract doesn’t support or align with our approach. We offer an ongoing Wellington based SEO service, with no contractual requirements.

Organic SEO is how your business ranks on Google and other search engines, as part of their SERPs (Search Engines Results Pages). In essence, it’s how your business ranks amongst your competitors, when you are looking at the displayed Google search results. This differs from PPC / Google Ads, which are generally displayed above the organic results, as a paid placement.

With our SEO services, the objective is to put in place a range of SEO principles and tactics to improve your existing search ranking, from its current placement, to ideally be placed on page 1 of Google. There are many factors that influence your SEO rankings, and we can happily explain these to you during our initial free SEO services consultation. We are based in Wellington and provide SEO services NZ wide.

Many businesses choose to do SEO as well as Google Ads, especially if they are serious about being dominant on the top of page 1 search results. It is not compulsory to do, and you can run your business simply using just SEO. However, the Google Ads displayed listings are normally displayed above the organic search results. And when customers are doing a search from their smartphone, this higher level of priority placement can often influence who gets clicked on. Depending on your region, and the level of competitiveness within your industry (Wellington, vs Auckland vs Nelson), this may influence your decision to include Google Ads with SEO.

With our specialist SEO services, we discuss with you the key products and services that are most important for your business. Once we have an understanding of your key focus areas, and servicing locations e.g. Wellington or Lower Hutt etc., it guides us on which keywords and keyword phrases to focus on. Once your initial keyword phrases have been selected, we then do some more extensive keyword research using specific online tools, to get more accurate data for the chosen search terms. This level of keyword research can be done for NZ, along with any key regional search terms.

Please note as part of this answer I simply included a reference to Wellington and Lower Hutt, as an example only, but we support and provide SEO services to businesses NZ wide.

We have found over many years of doing SEO, combined with implementing a marketing focused SEO strategy right from the start, that a well-considered website navigation can strongly influence your SEO performance. This may include recommending individual topic pages, page placement within the navigation structure, and identifying key sub navigation pages. For SEO, individual web pages are indexed by Google, and therefore this influences our recommended website navigation and page structure.

Meta Tags are also developed specifically for each individual web page, and these can influence and entice your prospective customers to click on your respective web page.  Our SEO services include reviewing your website navigation and providing appropriate recommendations for your business.

When starting out with your SEO focus, it’s important to focus on the website Home page plus key product and service pages in the first instance. Depending on budget, type of key products and services, and competitors SEO performance, additional SEO support can be rolled out in a staggered and progressive manner. This lets your budget focus on the key areas in the first instance, and then to progress into the lesser important parts of your business and website. Our specialist SEO services can engaged in-part or full, depending on your business and website requirements.

In our opinion, SEO should be a key component of your online marketing tools. It’s important that your business can be easily found on Google and other search engines, and SEO is the key tool for achieving this. There are other tools to assist, including PPC/Google Ads, and placement on Google Maps with optimally setting up your Google Business Profile.

As part of our SEO service mix, we do both on page and off page SEO. This includes keyword research, development of unique meta tags for each of the SEO’ed pages, and integration of keyword phrases into the heading and on page text. What’s more, we understand the importance of hierarchy and the order of the on-page content, and key marketing messages, to assist with sales and conversion results.  It’s all part of providing our specialist SEO services.

SEO is key for improving your local search performance. If you are based in Wellington, our SEO approach is to integrate this location into your SEO approach. It’s important to keep in mind that SEO is a competitive business and often influenced by your positioning against the SEO performance of your fellow competitors. As a result, your SEO ranking can quite dynamic and changing, and it’s important to keep a watch on your ranking results.

SEO improves your organic ranking results, which increases the likelihood of prospective customers finding and engaging with your business. It’s important that you don’t just focus on SEO, which is key, but you also integrate strong marketing messages and marketing appeal into the design and layout of your website. ‘Lead generation’ is often a result of SEO, but equally importantly, the focus should also be on improving your ‘lead conversion’ results. This is a result of having enticing and compelling messaging and overall website sales appeal. From our experience, businesses don’t just want leads…they really want sales.

As a marketing specialist with 25+ years in the business, we believe it is highly important to integrate a strong marketing focus with your SEO tactics. Don’t just focus on SEO rankings, as that can result in poor lead conversion results. As part of our background and specialist expertise, we always integrate marketing and sales with your SEO.

I encourage my clients to have an ongoing watch on their SEO rankings and be aware of any change in search ranking results. I recommend at least once a month they check to see how their business is performing. If you have begun to move to a lower ranking position, we can simply implement further SEO support to improve your website rankings.

We say a big fat strong Yes to that. Businesses can often simply succeed or fail based on their website performance and rankings. There is no point having a highly designed and attractive website, if you can’t be found on Google.  One great advantage of implementing SEO for local Wellington businesses (including the other areas of Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua), is that we are not a large city like Sydney or Melbourne.  As a result, due to a more limited number of competitors in the various market sectors, many businesses can often get strong improvements in their Google rankings.

Note: For businesses outside of the Wellington region, the same comment regarding of size of market and presence of competitors applies.

That’s another big Yes from us. We strongly believe that tracking and measurement is key. With all our websites we implement the latest Google analytics tracking tool called GA4 (Google Analytics 4). This enables business owners to see exactly what on page website activity is occurring, and from this can make informed business decisions.  As you progress with your SEO, you will see some of these changes reflected in your Google Analytics, for example your Landing pages stats.

Yes, it can take some time to see your Google rankings change. This is because once you have completed your on-page SEO changes, you are waiting for the crawler bots to view and re-index your updated page. Until your page has been updated with your SEO based changes, it only has on record your previous page content. From experience, the Home page of a website is indexed more frequently by the crawler bots than your deeper sub pages on your website. So, SEO is not a tool that sees the changes immediately improve your Google rankings, as there are a few steps in the process, and you just need to take that into consideration. For more immediate ranking results, you could use Google Ads while the SEO process is being completed.

With SEO any quality content that you develop, that is structured around your selected keyword phrases, will naturally support your SEO and Google ranking. As part of our SEO services, we provide on page website content, and also content development using Blog Posts. For stronger SEO results, you may choose to do more of a Pillar Post, which in essence is more developed content, with a stronger SEO page structure, heading text, and with linking sub Posts.  Using Blog Posts, it also enables you to construct content for your local servicing regions, e.g. Wellington, Lower Hutt etc, as Blogs suit this approach very well.

As a local business mainly supporting and providing services within your region, it’s best to primarily focus and target your chosen service area/s. For the Wellington region this may be just Wellington (or Wellington CBD), or you may choose to include Porirua, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt and the Kapiti Coast. It’s better to target your local region, and not slip to the quite common practice of targeting NZ, or NZ wide, especially in the first instance. Reason being, the bigger the region you try to have your SEO ranking in, the greater the SEO competitive ‘pond’. What’s more, many businesses forget, that most of their customers come from their local region (e.g. Wellington), and not from ‘out of town’. Local SEO ranking is key to building your online profile, and this can be further supported by effectively setting up and optimising your Google Business Profile, previously known as Google Maps.

Yes, Aztera Marketing is based in Tawa, Wellington. We can happily meet with you in person at a local Wellington cafe or simply book in an online free consultation to talk about our SEO services and how we can help your business.  We are based in Wellington, and we service and support businesses throughout the greater Wellington region, including Wellington CBD, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Porirua and NZ wide.

We strongly believe in tracking and measuring the performance of your website, and that’s why we have taken the time to invest in our training. We are an approved Google Partner and are certified in Google Analytics (GA4).

Our latest Blog Posts on SEO

SEO Services and Consultancy Wellington. SEO Specialist Wellington.
Aztera Marketing in Wellington provides Search Engine Optimisation | SEO Services and SEO consultancy services.
SEO Services and Consultancy Wellington. SEO Specialist Wellington.

Useful Search Engine

(SEO) Tips

  • For search engine optimisation (SEO), it is best to have original and quality content – not content copied from or duplicated on other websites.
  • Ensure your on-page and off-page content utilises search engine optimisation principles; and is based on current keyword research results.
  • Use selected keywords effectively in page title, on-page headings, and on-page content.
  • Incorporate a broader content marketing strategy to further support your SEO performance.
  • Build up quality backlinks to your site, this assists with your search rankings and SEO.
  • Make sure your website has a clean and easy to navigate structure – both for your readers and for search engines. Read our Blog on Website Navigation and SEO.
  • Include the region that you cover as part of your on-page text, as people often search for a region specific service, e.g. SEO services Wellington.
  • Regularly review and assess how your SEO ranking is performing, as this can change over a period of time. Note: this is all part of our SEO service to businesses.

“Kathryn has been great, with completely managing the upgrade of my initial website and now my latest one. Right from the very initial analysis, Kathryn quickly identified how search engines were not able to clearly see my website and immediately remedied this. A great deal of care was taken to ensure that the correct information and marketing strategies were implemented. Over the years her help and assistance with my website, marketing and SEO has been great. And right from the start I noticed a marked increase in interest in my website within weeks of going live.”

“Kathryn and her team at Aztera Marketing have been providing marketing services for my business for over a year and a half now. She provides a fantastic service for a very reasonable cost. The growth my business has had in 18 months through digital marketing on both Google and Facebook have been huge. Kathryn is extremely easy to deal with and nothing is an issue. She listens, thinks and executes in a very timely manner. If you are after great marketing on a lower budget, look no more as you have found your solution with Aztera!”

For more information about Wellington based search engine optimisation (SEO) services, call 04 232 9797 (Wellington) or Contact Us online.

Maximise your website…get our seo services working for you.