Useful Business Marketing Tips

General Marketing Tips

  • As budget allows, develop a strong online profile, as many prospective customers undertake a lot of market research online prior to visiting a business or making a decision to proceed to purchase.
  • Make sure your website clearly and effectively communicates your range of products and services. It also needs to be visually appealing, as many visitors may quickly exit your website if they don't like the look, feel or content.
  • Make sure you understand your total sales process; from initial lead generation activities through to converting a prospective customer to an engaged customer.
  • If you choose to use Google AdWords, take advantage of the more advanced features now available through Enhanced Campaigns. With these more targeted features, it enables you to more effectively target your ads according to devices (smartphones, tablets etc), times of day, locations, etc.
  • Try and establish a point of difference from others within your industry. For example, whether it's based around service offering, location/s, customer support, hours of opening, or any combination of the above.
  • Make sure customers can easily find you both online and at your physical premises. This includes making sure your business is listed on Google Places (Google Maps), that your website is well optimised, and your actual physical premises have clear, easy to read signage.


  • Use a website design that utilises 'liquid' or 'responsive’ design as this assists your website to be more easily read on mobile devices, e.g. smartphones, tablets etc.
  • For good search performance have original content - not content copied from or duplicated on other websites.
  • Make sure your website is easy to navigate and effectively communicates your key products and services.
  • Ensure your on-page and off-page content utilises search engine optimisation principles; and is based on current keyword research results.
  • Focus on having a design and content appealing and engaging - it's all part of effectively marketing your business.
  • It's important to always know how your website is performing. Use Google Analytics (or any other website measurement tool) to understand visitor numbers, key landing pages, traffic sources, etc.
  • If possible try and include some testimonials from customers. People like to read about what other customers have to say about the products and services your business provides.

Promotional Brochures

  • Undertake print runs that take advantage of a larger print quantity discounts. With some printers, the larger the print run is, the cheaper the price per unit is for each printed brochure. However, for digital printing this aspect of economies of scale doesn't always apply.
  • Think about the most appropriate paper weight (e.g. 90 gsm, 170 gsm, or card weight 300 gsm) and paper type (matt, satin, and gloss), as these two aspects can significantly influence the look of the final printed item.
  • Make sure your promotional brochure delivers a professional look and feel; and content throughout is easy to read, with key promotional messages very visible.
  • Make good use and placement of headings and subheadings. As we often quickly skim read promotional material and only spend the time reading the sections that we are most interested in.


  • If your business is going to run radio, press, or any other advertising, keep in mind it's more important to have your budget to deliver a frequency of placement, rather than a single one hit wonder.
  • Make sure your print ad stands out in some way, i.e. through use of colour, imagery etc. If you blend into the surrounding newsprint text you are much more likely not to be noticed.
  • It's usually more economical to buy press and radio ad placements on a structured plan, rather than purchasing in an ad hoc or casual manner for one-off ad placements. Consider 'plan’ options if you think you will be doing some frequency of spend.

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