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The Design of Your Website Is like a Store’s Shop Window

When you are deciding on your website design, keep in mind that it really is like a store’s shop window.  Within 10 seconds (or less) from landing on your website, customers will make the decision to continue to browse, or to exit and look at another website.  Sadly, it is that harsh and that quick.

So think about your design.  For your target market does the design ‘fit’.  It is somewhat emotively engaging, enticing prospective customers to continue to stay and browse some more?

On the home page, are your key messages at the top of the page so they see these early on.  Are the messages ‘on topic’ and reflect the information your prospective customer would be searching for.

7 Key Elements for Good Website Design

  • Your brand and colour scheme.  Does it fit your target market?  Is it clear and distinctive?  Does your logo assist in conveying what your business is offering?  If your brand name clearly conveys what your business is about, that’s a great first step as customers immediately know what your businesses, e.g. Dave’s Plumbing.
  • Easy readability of your font.  I have visited a number of websites where they have decided to use a fashionable light grey colour for the font.  Sadly it makes it impossible to read, and as a visitor to the site, I noticed that I quickly clicked on the ‘back’ button and continued to browse to the next appropriate site.
  • Your navigation buttons – are these easy to find on your website?
  • Have you got your phone number in a clear and visible place?  And for the smartphone experience, is there a simple way they can just tap on your phone number and it will immediately begin to ring.
  • Is there a clear ‘information hierarchy’ so you can easily and quickly read the page headings and find key areas of text that are relevant to you.
  • Is there sufficient amount of white space, so the headings are clear and distinctive.  This aspect of design can significantly enhance the performance of your website.