Content Marketing for Businesses

Increase sales by effectively using Content Marketing

The biggest challenge facing small and medium-sized businesses is centered around generating leads and converting customers. One of the key strategies that can assist this is taking a strategic approach with your Content Marketing, and effectively utilising this tool.

What is included as part of Content Marketing?

Content marketing covers such a broad aspect of all the touch points that relate to your business. This includes:

  • Your website content
  • Special topic blogs
  • Social media posts, e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Posts on Facebook Groups
  • White papers and handout materials
  • Videos loaded on YouTube

In essence, virtually all content you create for your business, plays a key role in your content marketing strategy.

How to make it work effectively?

Some of the best results coming from a well-considered Content Marketing campaign, is deliberately targeting the material to be tight and on topic to particular and specific issues. That way the reader will quickly identify to the material and will more effectively relate to the solutions and approach that your business provides.

With more generic style content, the level of impact from the reader’s perspective, would diminish considerably.

So, with effective content marketing, develop your material so that is tight to the topic you are addressing.  It helps if you explain the issue at the start of the content, and then proceed to talk about the solutions and the approach you offer, to address particular situation.

Business Content Marketing | Key Areas

Your Website and SEO

Your primary sales tool any business is your website. This is the central point where all your online traffic is directed to, whether it is your Facebook Posts, Instagram Posts, or Facebook Group chats.

Creating a well-structured website, with key topic pages that can be individually optimised using search engine optimisation, will help any business be more effectively found on Google. When setting up your website and key topic pages, think about what your customer will be searching for, what products and services you offer, and the optimal navigational experience for your website visitor.

Social Media Posts

Using the main platforms of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, you can effectively create individual and targeted topic posts within these platforms. When writing each social media post, keep in mind your target audience in the platform your Post will be presented on. One common mistake that many do, is to put the same Post with no change to the content at all, on the same day on each of the different social media platforms.  It’s much better to tailor the content to some level of change when posting across these three platforms. And ideally, even split your social media posts across into different days. That way, any followers on these platforms won’t get bombarded with seeing three identical Posts all on the same day.

To help as part of your Social Media Strategy, having a bit of a plan will make it make it easier for you, as the business owner. The social media strategy would include looking at a number of things including:

  • Determining what topics to Post about
  • Setting up a 30 day schedule/plan
  • Identifying which Social Media platforms would work best for each target market

Special Topic Blogs

Blogs have a key role as part of any website content, as they can provide small business owner with the opportunity to share their expertise to their followers. By sitting in the Blog part of their website, the main navigation of the website is left intact, and specialist topics and information can be shared through their Blog channel. This comes in particularly useful when communicating your key products and services in your website navigation doesn’t want to be cluttered up in any way with the additional expertise information shared through your blog.

In addition, using effective content marketing, the special topic blog can then also be shared through Posts in your numerous social media channels. Furthermore, once the Blog topic has been created, this material is long lasting and time enduring, and you will be able to re-Post it in the future. So with tight, on topic and well structured blogs, they have considerable future use.

Social Media | Posts on Facebook Groups and other Private Groups

It may seem strange to mention this as part of your Content Marketing strategy, but it fits in there along with all your other material. This includes creating Posts within the private group, as well as participating through comments and discussions with other members’ posts. The phrase of ‘Social Media’ really is all about the two parts of these words. It is the ‘social’ where you are participating into your private online community, and the ‘media’ is all about raising your profile for your business.

Using Video with Social Media Posts

As part of providing a more engaging experience with your readers, putting up Posts using video, Facebook Live, and video style slideshows is all key to your content marketing strategy. When prospective clients are considering to engage your services, the more effectively we can build the Know, Like and Trust factors, the more you are assisting them with proceeding into your sales funnel. Effective business marketing, with a focus on lead conversion, is all about building the Know, Like and Trust.

Video marketing along with video style Posts provide a much greater experience for the reader than simply text alone. Where possible, try to incorporate a degree of video marketing and video blogs as part of your business marketing activities.

White Papers and Handout Materials

Providing information which material to your prospective clients helps them to have a greater understanding of your expertise, and to commence moving into a relationship with your business. These items are often used as handout materials when trying to establish an initial relationship with a new client.  Recognising as part of your content marketing strategy, different material for different stages of a relationship, can assist with new prospective clients proceeding quicker into being paying clients.

How Content Marketing Fits In

  • Content marketing should be part of your marketing mix and be a component of your business marketing activities.
  • Content marketing covers a wide range of your business marketing materials.
  • Tight and targeted content will be more effective than more general broad ranging content.
  • Incorporating social media into your content marketing strategy, as a viable and cost-effective option for businesses.

Increase sales through Content Marketing

For many small and medium-sized businesses, lead generation is key.  To take advantage and utilise inbound marketing, in particular improving your Google search ranking using search engine optimisation, is one key strategy. People undertake online research for almost everything they are trying to address. With targeted content development, and well created material, it significantly increases your likelihood of being found through a Google search. This targeted content is all part of introducing new potential clients to your business, as they will be seeking a similar service that you offer.

The advantage of using a well-considered content marketing strategy is that it provides a cost-effective approach for small and medium sized businesses. You have heard the phrase content is king. And, with well-developed and targeted content, it reduces the need to be undertaking paid per click advertising.

Our Content Marketing Services | Wellington

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