Profile of Kathryn Schimanski

Marketing, Sales & Communications

Marketing Specialist & Consultant

My Background…

Hi, and let me introduce myself. I am a marketing specialist with 25+ years of experience, in the areas of marketing, websites, online and branding.

I established Aztera Marketing in 2005, after identifying an increasing need by small and medium-sized businesses, requiring a range of professional business marketing services.

Right from the outset, the services I provided were centered around providing affordable web, online, and other supporting marketing services. This included developing sales-focused websites, along with delivering ‘smart’ online marketing campaigns and supporting ‘sales’ related tactics.

With businesses using online as their primary sales medium, it has always about doing things smarter. One of my key strengths as an experienced marketing consultant / specialist is using search engine optimisation with all websites that we build. Click to view my introductory video.

Kathryn Schimanski | Marketing consultant and marketing specialist providing online & digital marketing services, websites & SEO. Wellington

My experience is quite varied. It covers a wide range of industries, from supporting small regional businesses through to launching a new national corporate brand.

My Experience

…extends from the strategic level of determining an overall perspective and approach, through to the tactical level, which includes the full delivery and implementation of websites, marketing campaigns and promotional material.

In addition to my core marketing skills, I have considerable brand management experience. This includes reviewing and defining a business’ market position, determining an overall look and feel for the brand, and then applying it across all marketing material.

As an independent marketing consultant / specialist my focus is on providing affordable website and marketing services – all tailored to meet your specific business requirements – and most importantly tailored to fit your budget.

  • I hold a B Com. majoring in economics and marketing.
  • Certified by Google in Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads.
  • Approved Google Partner.