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Use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to Improve Google Search Results

Read about the key points to keep in mind with your SEO and improving your Google search rankings. Key points include your on-page content, keywords, meta tags, and heading text. SEO is key for businesses, to improve their online presence and search results.

Want Better Sales & Marketing Results?

Having survived lockdown, is it now time for you to consider new cost-effective ways to improve your sales and marketing.  

Does your business face the following issues: 
– Needing to get better results from your website
– Your website is looking tired and out of date
– Needing to generate more sales leads and conversions 

The Design of Your Website Is like a Store’s Shop Window

When you are deciding on your website design, keep in mind that it really is like a store’s shop window.  Within 10 seconds (or less) from landing on your website, customers will make the decision to continue to browse, or to exit and look at another website.  Sadly, it is that harsh and that quick. […]

Website Navigation & SEO

You may think website navigation is a standard and simple thing to do for all businesses.  If you have a standard 10 page website with just the standard page topics, then it really is straightforward, e.g. Home, About Us, Our Services, Contact Us etc. However, if you are selling a range of products and/or services, […]

Marketing services and marketing planning

Marketing Planning | Often the Overlooked Child of the Family

For many small businesses the one thing that is commonly overlooked is planning, and from my perspective, ‘marketing planning’.  I often see that small business owners quickly gravitate to building their main online profile, their website, without doing a little bit of strategic thinking.. Without a bit of forward thinking or planning, some key critical […]