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Delivering cost-effective marketing solutions for businesses

Design & Build Websites

We create ‘sales centric’ websites with strong marketing focused messages. Differentiate, standout, be noticed.

Enhancing Existing Websites

Improve performance of your existing website through integrating SEO and effective ‘point of difference’ messaging.

Search Engine Optimisation

Lift your Google ranking with SEO. Want even more? Take the next step with Google AdWords campaigns.

Key Marketing Messages

Stand out from the crowd. Persuasive sales-focused messages and smart marketing – thinking before doing.

Delivering the full range of Marketing Services
Specialists in SEO and Online Marketing | Wellington

Aztera Marketing provides specialist marketing services to businesses, from small start-up businesses through to larger organisations. We implement and deliver sales focused, practical marketing results that work…without big agency fees.

We recognise the importance of developing and promoting your ‘point of difference’. As many business owners will attest to, just because you build a website or do some marketing, it doesn’t mean you actually get some sales. Sadly it’s easy to confuse simply ‘doing’ some marketing activity like rebranding, building a new website, or implementing online marketing as the key for delivering sales. For many, it’s easy to focus on the ‘doing’ prior to the ‘thinking’.

So how can your marketing activities lead to increased sales. It is all about helping you to stand out from the crowd. Not just be another ‘me too’ provider. And that’s achieved through ‘Point of Difference’ marketing.

1 Hour

For all new clients within the greater Wellington region, we offer a free 1 hour marketing consultation.

Specialist Website and Business Marketing Services

Point of Difference Marketing

It’s the critical first step before you commence any of your marketing tactics.

That’s right, before you spend your marketing budget on building a website, or for many, doing this a second time round.

Remember, it’s not just ‘what you do’ but ‘how well you do it’.

So ask yourself, have you spent numerous hours attending local networking events, working on your website with making all those changes, started up Facebook and made regular postings.  Plus more. And all this activity just doesn’t seem to translate into actual sales; the actions are there but the results are lacking. All your hard work just doesn’t seem to make a difference.

If so, you possibly have just learnt the hard lesson of ‘doing without thinking’. The next step…talk to us about our ‘Point of Difference’ marketing, where smart strategic thinking can make all the difference. We focus on your strategic strengths, and in this competitive market, it is now more important than ever before.

Our ‘Point of Difference’ approach is engaged across all your marketing activities. This includes website design and development, branding, online marketing, and even your business card design. So develop your strategic strengths, and take your marketing to the next level.

Our Specialist Marketing Services

  • Websites | Good Design and Strong Messaging Matters

    Our focus is on creating sales centric websites. We incorporate our ‘Point of Difference’ thinking throughout our approach, including navigation, design, and website copywriting. We’re not just focused on putting your business online, we are focused on the big picture.  And we know it’s all about sales.

    Learn more about our Website Design and Development and our WordPress Websites.

  • Search Engine Optimisation | SEO

    Not sure you need Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), be assured in today’s world it’s a must. It gets your business up there on Google search results, and that’s key in the online world. And from our experience, not all SEO so-called experts achieve the same level of results. With us, we take the time and attention to develop your website copy, utilising search engine optimisation principles throughout. We put in the hard work and strong foundations right from the start.

  • Smart, Targeted Online Marketing & Google AdWords

    Including Google AdWords as part of your core online advertising is a must for many businesses. With daily budgets being able to be set as low or as high as you want, it provides the ideal platform. No contracts are required, and campaigns can commence and pause in an instance.

    We also recommend that businesses optimise their Google Local Business listings, and engage Google Analytics. This provides a sound, cost-effective marketing approach, prior to commencing additional online marketing activities.

    Looking to go beyond Google AdWords, our specialist online marketing services includes developing smart, targeted online campaigns.

  • Your Strategic ‘Road Map’ & Customised Marketing Plan

    Get noticed and stand out with our Point of Difference marketing. This is an integral part to your overall marketing approach. From this we can identify your target markets and key marketing messages, develop a customised 12-Month Marketing Plan, or determine your optimum ‘sales funnel’ and respective progression steps. Further analysis can include looking deeper into your lead generation and conversion statistics, and identifying possible perceived ‘barriers’ hindering new client sales.

  • Hands-On Tailored Marketing Solutions

    We specialise in marketing for small and medium-sized businesses. We take care of it all. Our comprehensive range of business marketing services includes online marketing, developing promotional brochures and marketing materials, setting up your Facebook Business Page, and MailChimp newsletters.  Our strength is in our strategic approach combined with our hands-on experience and marketing expertise.

  • Website Reviews & Audits

    If you have an existing website, and aren’t getting the results you desire, we can help. One of our specialty areas is working with developed websites, to enhance and improve their performance. We don’t just look at ‘what’ you are doing, we look at ‘how well’ you are doing it!  Want to know how we can help your business…Talk to Us.

  • Business Start-Ups – We’ll Get you Going

    If you are launching your new business we can help you with full the range of start-up marketing activities. This includes helping you find and/or select your business name, choosing your domain name (key for optimum SEO in the long-term), logo design, business stationery and brand development. Want to know more, Talk to Us.

A great deal of care was taken to ensure that the correct information and marketing strategies were implemented. I have been thrilled with the result, with a marked increase in interest in my website within weeks of going live.

Doug BryantHand Rehab

We upgraded my website, improved my site navigation, and introduced search engine optimisation across all the key pages. As a result, it has helped improve my Google search rankings. I have also noticed a significant improvement with our total sales, both online and through our showroom.

Kylie PrinceMobility Centre

By asking me the right questions about my business and my goals, Kathryn challenged my assumptions and assisted me in finding my focus and niche market.

Sue AvisonDirector Say it Once Ltd

We felt we needed to take our current marketing plan to the next level. We engaged the services of Kathryn about 4 years ago and have never looked back.

Tracey TurnerPrimesite Homes

Aztera Marketing – Experienced Marketing Consultants

Aztera Marketing – delivering specialist brand and marketing consultancy services – supporting small and medium-sized businesses. Experienced and independent marketing consultants and marketing specialists.

Some Useful Marketing Tips

  • ‘Think’ before you ‘do’ – engage an expert who can take a step back and help you identify your strategic strengths and point of difference.
  • Develop a strong online profile.  Many prospective customers undertake online research prior to visiting a business or purchasing.
  • Ensure your website clearly and effectively communicates your range of products / services. It needs to be visually appealing and easy to navigate.
  • Take advantage of Google AdWords and its advanced features. It enables you to effectively target your ads to region/s, devices (e.g. smartphones), times of day etc.
  • Read more of our useful Business Marketing Tips

Free 1-Hour Marketing Consultation

We are based in Wellington, New Zealand. For all new clients within the greater Wellington region, we offer a free 1-hour marketing consultation.

In this free 1-hour consultation, our experienced marketing consultant will visit you on-site to discuss your marketing requirements and options. This will help you get a better understanding of our marketing services, our approach, and how we can help your business.

The greater Wellington region includes: Wellington City, Porirua, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Petone and Eastbourne. For new clients outside the greater Wellington region we offer this service by Skype or phone.

Call us on 04 232 9797 to book your free consultation.

Aztera Marketing – delivering cost-effective marketing solutions for businesses. Get your marketing messages focused and ‘on target’ for your market. Convert more prospects to sales and stand out from your competitors. Delivering smart, targeted marketing solutions.

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Aztera Marketing | Marketing consultants and marketing specialists providing marketing services to businesses. Wellington-based, servicing the greater Wellington region (Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Petone, Eastbourne, Porirua, Wellington city) and New Zealand wide. Web design and development, business marketing specialists.