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Improving Your Google Ads Results – Your Landing Pages

Like many businesses, you are wanting to maximise the return on your Google Ads spend.  Often the focus is on your Google Ads campaign set up, with a much lower focus on the ads Landing Page.  These two are highly integrated aspects, impacting on your campaign performance.

Your Google Ads campaign set up is important for optimising your promotional spend, so that ads are targeted and placed effectively.  Through using negative keywords, strong ad text, and effective use of SiteLinks, these are all key with improving the performance of your campaign.

However, most of the customer conversion activity is a result of your chosen landing page.  And first impressions count.  Three key considerations:

  1. Does it quickly and effectively communicate the benefit of your product or service.
  2. Are you maximising your marketing and promotional messages high up on the landing page.
  3. If you are including an offer is it strong and enticing.

What’s more, and if possible, have you been able to include anything like a promotion, customer testimonials, or a special price offer on that page, e.g. free consultation, download a checklist etc.

So, when developing your Google Ads campaign, take an extra moment to look critically at your chosen Landing Page, to see if it needs any simple improvements to assist with and improve your sales and conversions.


Note: Aztera Marketing in Wellington is an approved Google Partner. We are Google certified in Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, and Google Shopping Ads. We specialise in supporting small and medium sized businesses.