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Let’s Talk SEO Services for Businesses

Aztera Marketing is a local SEO service provider based in Wellington, NZ.

When new clients approach me, they often have a number of questions regarding SEO services and the benefit for their business. Some of the questions I am often asked include:

  • Are SEO services worth it?
  • Why is SEO so important?
  • Who needs SEO services?
  • What do SEO services include?
  • What are local SEO services?
  • Do you need to do SEO monthly?
  • Can you do SEO for websites, web pages, and blogs

Often, they also might not quite truly understand what SEO services are, so this article is intended to help small and medium businesses, who are grappling with this decision, to be better informed about SEO services, what’s included, the process, and the options.

Overview of SEO | What it is?

If you are new to SEO and want to understand what it is, here’s a good explanation. Virtually, it’s the task taken to improve your search rankings on key search engines like Google and Bing. SEO tactics are implemented across all aspects of your website including website content, your navigation structure, the key products and services you sell, page layout and structure. Virtually all aspects of your website are considered, and SEO tactics and principles are implemented in a considered and strategic manner to improve your Google rankings. SEO services relates to the task of implementing the individual SEO tactics.

Are SEO Services Worth It?

In general, the answer to this is yes. There is no point building a well-designed website with good content, if it is not able to be found on Google or Bing effectively. Your website is a sales tool for your business, and if your website is hidden for key search terms, and keyword phrases, it compromises its ability to deliver and provide online sales, and act as a lead generation tool. Ideally you want your website to be ranking on page 1 of search engine results, or if it’s a very competitive market, being on page 2. If your website is buried deeper and you’re not presenting until page 5 or even further on, its ability to support your business is compromised. At Aztera Marketing we provide a fully customised, professional and comprehensive SEO service, tailored to meet your budget and business requirements.

Do SEO services need to be implemented fully?

By this I mean do you have to implement SEO services throughout your entire website, or can you do it in part, or in a staggered or selected manner. You certainly can do it in a staggered and selected manner. If your budget is limited, or you want to just focus on the key pages of your website, we recommend you choose your most important service/s or product/s pages first, plus your Home page. Once this has been implemented, then progress in a staggered and considered manner, with further pages of your website as your budget, time, and needs require.

Who needs SEO services?

Virtually all businesses that wish to be found on Google should invest and implement in SEO services. For most businesses nowadays, they are operating in a competitive market, so if your competitors have implemented SEO and outranking your business on Google, we recommend you do invest in SEO services. Search position is key on Google and other search engines, and your ranking compared to your competitors is part of that. Some businesses that operate in a very competitive industry, the level and extent of SEO services and tactics is much more advanced, than businesses operating in a less competitive market.

Are there levels of SEO services?

Over the years of doing our SEO services, there seems to be two main types of SEO requirements. Those in a very competitive market, with their competitors actively also engaging in SEO, usually presents a greater challenge for achieving a strong SEO ranking. More of the SEO toolkit is required, in a very competitive market. For businesses trading in a smaller local market, or with less competition, the tactics and approach to use for SEO doesn’t need to be quite as extensive. Furthermore, even within the actual business, certain products and services can have a greater SEO challenge, than others. At Aztera Marketing in Wellington, we provide a fully customised SEO service, so that the depth and requirements of SEO tactics are appropriately implemented, depending on your industry and market.

What do SEO services include?

SEO services cover all aspects of tactics, strategy, and implementation for your website, to improve its ranking results. This usually includes:

  • Initial keyword research to identify the main search terms and keyword phrases appropriate for your business, for SEO to focus on for search ranking improvements.
  • Development of on page website content, focused on selected keyword phrases. At Aztera Marketing, because our focus is all about improving your rankings and sales, our approach is about integrating strong persuasive marketing and sales messages, into your SEO plan. We look at the lead generation tactics that SEO brings, combined with lead conversions that result from strong on page messaging, product/service appeal, and sales focused copywriting.
  • Development of supporting heading structures, on page placement for SEO, and integrating keyword phrases to the website and page experience.
  • All SEO services include the development of the on page and off page elements, and that includes keyword focused Title and Description meta tags. These meta tags a key for enticing individuals to click through and view your website.

What are local SEO services?

These are what you are probably very familiar at seeing, and best described around being presented on Google Maps in Google’s Map Pack/Local Pack listing. You will be familiar with seeing the 3 displayed Google Maps listings, for most services/service providers, as part of your everyday experience with Google. To enhance your local SEO presence, having your Google Maps listing set up optimally is all part of local SEO services. There are a number of inbuilt features and elements within your Google Business Profile listing, and this is what is displayed in the Google’s Map Pack. At Aztera Marketing, as part of improving your SEO performance, we provide the service of setting up your local SEO listing.

Do you have to do SEO on a monthly basis?

With regards to SEO it’s not a task that you need to sign up for as a monthly service fee.  I have come across a number of instances where businesses are being encouraged to sign up to a monthly service with a monthly fee, to manage their SEO.  I’ve even heard it packaged as being a “SEO campaign”.  As I work mainly with small and medium-sized businesses, I feel this is somewhat misleading to what the real need is for the business.  I prefer to take the approach that once SEO has been implemented to your website, that you/we track and monitor your website’s SEO performance on a monthly basis, and only where the ranking has dropped in some way, that we implement further SEO support.  That means clients are only engaging and paying for the work that actually is required.  With Aztera Marketing we prefer to offer our clients a genuine pay-as-you-go service, with no fixed term contracts required for our SEO services.

SEO Local Services | Wellington

With Aztera Marketing being based in Wellington, we obviously have strong local knowledge and understanding of the industries and businesses throughout the greater Wellington region. We have supported many local Wellington based businesses with their SEO and local SEO requirements. With Wellington being our local area, we obviously have strong familiarity of implementing SEO across the greater Wellington region including Wellington city, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Porirua and the Kapiti Coast.

SEO Services | Websites, Web Pages, Blogs

SEO can be implemented on a range of online elements, specifically websites, individual web pages, shopping carts, and Blogs. Virtually, anything that you want to be found more effectively, with a stronger ranking result, and is displayed on Google and other search engines, can be enhanced with SEO.

At Aztera Marketing in Wellington we in providing SEO services to small and medium-sized businesses. We are based in Wellington and support businesses NZ wide.