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Google Ads Campaign Management in 2023

Are you now stepping back into managing your Google Ads campaigns, to ensure they’re up and running optimally. Have you noticed with the introduction of the Google Ads Performance Max campaigns, compared to the previous Smart Shopping campaigns, that you may not be getting the same desired results?

Performance Max is a significantly very different type of campaign compared to Smart Shopping. For many smaller sized ad budgets you may find reverting back to a Standard Shopping campaign may deliver a higher ROI.

The Google Ads platform has undertaken many improvements over the last few months. Some of these changes work better for larger businesses. For smaller sized businesses and budgets, there are some smart ways to optimise your ad spend and campaign set up.

  • You may find a better ROI using Standard Shopping Campaigns.
  • Consider using Search campaigns for some of your products instead of a Standard Shopping campaign.
  • Set up separate campaigns for different product segments, each with their own campaign budget, and run these as a Standard Shopping campaign.
  • If you choose to use Standard Shopping campaigns, check that you are price comparable to your competitors.  Shopping campaigns have a much greater display focus on your items’s price, compared to Search campaigns.
  • Make sure you have set up ecommerce conversion tracking in GA4, and closely monitor your campaigns performance.

There have been a number of changes to the Google Ads platform over the last 6 months.  This includes the introduction of Performance Max campaigns, new campaign level ‘Recommendations’ suggested by Google (and not all are appropriate for smaller sized businesses), change by Google in the use of Keyword ‘match types’, and the introduction of new ‘Assets’ aka Extensions.  It’s important for smaller sized businesses that you set up and manage your campaigns optimally, to avoid budget ‘waste’.


Note: Aztera Marketing in Wellington is an approved Google Partner. We are Google certified in Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, and Google Shopping Ads. We specialise in supporting small and medium sized businesses.